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When you take that first step towards good health with Bina, you are partnering with a caring expert in the field of integrative and functional medicine. With her high level of commitment to your personal needs, your path to complete health starts with your first visit.

Good health is vital to living a full and happy life and Bina has devoted her career to combining both alternative medicines with cutting edge science. This combination, synthesizing acupuncture, herbal medicine and diet with lab testing and supplementation, has transformed thousands of lives across 25 years in practice.

As an associate professor at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, Bina has taught medical diagnosis for many years. She also owns and operates TCM Review Seminars Inc. (, an international acupuncture board prep corporation that prepares graduating students for the California, National and Canadian acupuncture licensing exam. She has helped thousands of students pass their licensing exam.  Currently Bina serves as the Vice President for the American Society of Chinese Medicine, a California professional organization and also for BNI Connect to Success Chapter, Berkeley chapter.

Bina adheres to the global philosophy that it is not necessary to grow sick while growing old. She believes that the days of reaching for a prescription pill bottle should make way for scientifically backed natural medicine that allows for a healthy life. All treatments at the Berkeley Centre are designed to help patients grow old gracefully with vitality.

Do you have a medical condition? Don’t wait for it to worsen, contact Bina to see how together you can regain your health starting today.