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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are an important compliment to acupuncture treatment for chronic conditions.  The efficacy of the herbal formula depends on the quality of the herbs.  Our herbal formulas are created using the cleanest herbs available and are regularly checked for heavy metals, pesticide and other contaminants.  Formulas can be sourced from organic farms if requested

From gynocological conditions and autoimmune disorders to headaches and the common cold, herbal medicine is used to treat almost every ailment known to afflict humans.  This is a fact know in both alternative and alopathic medical circles.  Many of  the pharmaceuticals available today are derivatives of plants after many years of herbal research in laboratories.  Acupuncturists use herbs in their whole form combining them with other herbs to enhance their natural effect.

In the state of California, all acupuncturists complete a 4-year herbology study concurrent with their acupuncture degree and are capable of knowledgeably prescribing herbal medicine.


Questions about herbal medicine or how it can help your specific health concerns, email or call the clinic. We always have time to talk with our patients.